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travel to naxos
shopping in: Chora - Ag. Prokopios - Agia Anna - Plaka

specialities: cheese, wine, tea, honey and nuts: Ziblakis on the street from the hospital to the Paralia.

Kitron: Taki´s Shop, Paradosi, Fratkoudaki, all on Paralia, Taki´s Shop also offers good greek wine

bread: and all kinds of cakes and cookies: Rendevous on the street to Ag. Prokopios - and with coffeehouse on Paralia

fruits/vegetables: Dadanis, street to Glinado/Melanes, also cheese and eggs

newspaper: as well foreign newspaper and magazines, books and stationeries:Zoom on Paralia - also photoservice

photos: also from digitalcameras: Dionysos on the beginning of Paralia

cigarettes: there are little Kiosk on Paralia, there you will find also softdrinks, sweets and telephonecards.

internet: internetservice have the most of the travelagencies, as well in the musicstore on the street to the hospital.

shoes: Moustakis on the street from the hospital and Step in a little lane behind Paralia.

clothes: Vestito on Paralia, surfstyle: Anemos, in the lane behind Paralia and Naxos Surf Shop in the old poststreet

tattoo: next to the Anemos

jewels: Melissinos in the lane above Paralia

arts: Artgallery Petalouda, arts and drawings, in the lanne behind Paralia

minerals: in Fossil nice mineralstones, watches and jewels, little lane from Paralia

pets: the veterinary sells beside his consulting room also petfood and other pet- stuff. Opposite the hospital.

supermarkets: there are many small supermarkets and also three large ones: Atlantik and Vidalis, on the outside street to the port. Koutelieris on the street to Prokopios. In the small stores you will also find everything as well some specialities.

travelagencies: tickest for boats and flights, as well for excursions: Naxos Tours, Zas Travel, on Paralia and Orbit Travel next to the parking.

Lotto, Proto and bets, on the street to the hospital and on Paralia, there with coffehouse

bread/food: in the Supermarket Plus, opposite to Anna´s Bar, next to the beach and the busstation. Also cigarettes, local and foreign newspapers and magazines. Opposite supermarket Naxos, and a larger one opposite to the gasstation just before entry the village


beach-stuff: air-matress, snorkle, beachball and toys, as well as suncreme and swimmingsuits you will find on the storedirectly on the corner next to the busstation.

books: guides, maps, in the supermarket and the store on the corner.

clothes: in Jack´s Store on the mainroad

minerals: Fossil minerals and jewels, mainroad

laundry: the Snowwhite opposite to the gasstaion and Mister Bean on the mainroad.

Car-rental / motorbikes: Billy´s Moto Power, next to the gasstation, Karabatsis and Vilas Moto Speed on the mainstreet, Nikos Bike on the corner next to the busstation

Ag. Anna

bread/foodl: Supermarket, nest to the restaurant Gorgona and Margaritis on the street to Prokopios. Also cigarettes, beach-stuff, maps and guides.


Alice im Wonderland: arts and beachstuff 

bread/food: in the supermarket next to it, and in the supermarket next to Maragascamping

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